Constant Innovation

As you will have seen while browsing the site, Magnum Australia is truly at the forefront of the spray-products industry.

Total Control

Never happy to rest on our laurels, we devote a great deal of time and money to developing new products, with a view to increasing efficiency, increasing safety, and saving money.

Since our inception in 1972, we have prided ourselves on being the innovators of the industry. Our products are often copied, but never duplicated. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians are the best in the business, which allows us to provide you with the most effective and reliable products in the industry.


The Storm robotic water cannon was designed to keep human operators out of dangerous environments. Whether under vehicles, in mineshafts, or fighting fires, there are some places that people simply can't safely go. The Storm - which is quite literally a tank which fires water instead of explosives - allows the operator to safely negotiate such situations with ease, and quickly solves problems that could otherwise become extremely expensive or dangerous to resolve.

Ground Speed

The all-new Magnum ground-speed control system is a revolution in water-cart technology. Utilising the GPS data to monitor the speed of the cart, the system automatically modulates the flow of water through the valves of the truck to keep the same coverage of water on the road, whether the truck is travelling at 40km/h or 5km/h - without any input required from the operator! This system will revolutionise the business, ensuring that dust-suppression is achieved without accidentally over-watering, while maximising the coverage achieved with each load of water as waste is reduced to basically zero.

Dust Destroyer

The Dust Destroyer is the industry leader in dust control. It is invaluable in controlling dust in the demolition, coal, scrap, mining and aggregate industries. Its' evaporation and misting abilities add to the value and can be used in may suitable applications. In order to get the best machine for your application, the Dust Destroyer comes in 2 different models. Each has the power and mobility to make the job much easier and much more cost effective. Magnum Australia is now the Australasian distributor of the Dust Destroyer so contact us if you would like further info.

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