Water Cannons

The Magnum range of water cannons have been designed and developed to service the specific demands of the mining and quarry industries.

Total Control

Available  in sizes from 1.5" to 6" , cannons are available with manual control, or a range of different remote control options. 

Our continual quest for increased reliability saw us develop our own patented swivel bearing. The patented swivel bearing ensures a long working life and requires minimal maintenance. The unique features of this bearing do away with ball bearings and replace them with a self-lubricating graphite impregnated product. This design reduces bearing fatigue caused by high vibration transfer when in operation on rough roads or continuous automated use in fixed wash down applications.


All Magnum cannons are constructed in Australia to exacting tolerances to enable long service intervals and minimal failures. Each design is carefully balanced to minimise load on articulating componentry in rough terrain, increasing the life of the the cannon even further. All units are sandblasted, electroplated, primer coated and enamel finished to provide maximum corrosion protection and a quality finish, then pressure tested to 3000Kpa (400 PSI) before delivery.


Magnum offer a full suite of remote control options for all applications. From simple pneumatic cabin switching, right up to full PLC controlled automation for use in repetitive task applications like vehicle washbays. For joystick controlled and automated system units, we offer product with full air operation, electric joystick with air control and electric joystick with hydraulic control.


Magnum monitors are available with a number of different nozzles to suit every application. Normal director nozzles range from 6mm (1/8") up to 75mm (3"), flowing anywhere from 15 litres per minute to over 8000 L/m (though you'll need a serious pump!). Fog/Jet nozzles are available in both manual and remote operations, while a foam induction adjustable fog nozzle constructed from 316 stainless steel is also available for firefighting applications. This unit can also be fitted as a manually operated or cabin controlled unit.