Spray Head Valves

Magnum Spray Head Valve has been uniquely designed to disperse water and other fluids with high volume suspended solids in an even and controlled spray pattern.

Ultimate Reliability

These specialised valves eliminate the need for auxiliary butterfly, ball or knife valves. The Spray Head Valve also enables the operator to set their exact volumetric output flow and width of spray by simple manual adjustment. The valves are available in two sizes; 1 1/2" and 3" to cater for different water capacities, pipe sizes and pump flows.

Valves are available with single-action pneumatic control (opened by water pressure, closed pneumatically), single action hydraulic (opened by water pressure, closed hydraulically), and double action hydraulic (opened and closed hydraulically). All three options allow total control from the cabin, with electronic or pneumatic switchgear.


Magnum Spray Head Valves patented internal design provides a replaceable 'Polysleeve' for reduced cost of repair and improved maintenance servicing. All component parts have been fabricated to offer maximum wear resistance and reduced service costs. The body is cast from marine-grade alloys. The 8 fasteners and single internal spring are fabricated from stainless steel.


The valve design produces a flat, dense and even spray pattern, allowing the operator to adjust the output flow rate from 0 - 22.6 litres per second, giving anything from a fine spray to a flood. Simple manual adjustment via the adjusting ring provides the operator with a 0 - 90° radius spray coverage to 12 metres distance and 11 metres width throw. Both valves can be configured to allow 360° directional adjustment via camlock fittings.


The Magnum range of spray head valves are robust, and simple to maintain, with a full suite of valves to cover every possible application. Camlock fittings allow easy removal and direction adjustment. Rollgroove mounts provide increased security. Easy to install, control and maintain, Magnum valves provide the best return on investment.