Water Tanks

With over twenty years of experience supplying the mining and quarry industries, Magnum Australia has developed robust, reliable and functional water tanks ranging in size from 2000 litres right up to 160,000 litres.

Ease of Use

The strength of Magnum tanks is the unique internal baffle design, with the barrel anti-surge structure and cross-baffling combining to minimise water surge in motion, and maintain the lowest possible centre of gravity. This design gives all trucks fitted with Magnum tanks safe, stable and predictable operating characteristics, helping to maximise the speed of operation by inspiring confidence in the driver.

Great care is taken when constructing the tanks to maximise the life of the vessel. All steel surfaces are fully shot blasted inside and out, and the internal surface coating in an epoxy liner which guarantees a long working life with minimal maintenance.

Magnum is on the forefront of technology in the industry - with the latest exciting development being the ground-speed water dispersement system.

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On Road

Magnum on-road water tankers offer the operator the easiest, most comfortable workplace possible. With a carefully integrated tank design featuring a low centre of gravity, minimal surging and controlled from the cabin with a customised switch-kit, Magnum on-road tankers are the first choice for Australian water-carts, and maintain the full factory warranty of the host vehicle.

Off Road

Magnum Australia's years of experience in the mining and quarry industries have allowed us to design the most cost-effective and durable water tanks, with capacities of up to 160,000 litres, to service Australia's thriving mining industry.

Designed specifically to suit each particular truck body, in many cases incorporating the vehicle tipping system to enable easy servicing, and backed by the full support network of Magnum Australia, our off-road tanks are the first choice of operators in the harsh Australian environment.


Magnum can supply a complete range of tanks to slide onto most standard sized tip-truck bodies. Perfect for operators who need to maximise flexibility, a Magnum slide-on tank turns a tipper into a water cart very easily and quickly .