For many years, Magnum Australia's products have been used to wash down plant and equipment in dirty environments.

Faster and safer

Keeping vehicles clear of mud and filth helps to extend service life and reduce maintenance times, however the cleaning process itself can be hazardous, time consuming, and ultimately expensive.

Magnum has the solutions required to make servicing vehicles a quick and easy process. Firstly, of course, our fully remote-controlled cannons allow operators to control multiple cannons from a single, safe location with a customised switchbox. Further to that, repetitive tasks can be handled totally automatically with one or more cannons robotically controlled by PLC. Through this method, a battery of cannons can wash down a vehicle without any input from the operator whatsoever.

Where human input is required and operator safety is of paramount importance, the Storm robotic water cannon can be directed into dangerous locations underneath vehicles or in mine shafts to operate in total safety.

Magnum is capable of designing and commissioning a complete washbay solution tailored to the needs of your specific application, minimising your vehicle downtime and maximising the safety of your crew.