Mobile Modular Monitor

A cutting-edge solution addressing the pressing issue of potential fires in electric battery storage, fuel storage, and transport depots.

Ultimate Safety

In the event of an emergency, the Mobile Modular Monitor emerges as the epitome of safety, reshaping the narrative on fire prevention. With the surge in electric vehicles and their associated storage challenges, the risk of potential fires looms large. The Mobile Modular Monitor stands as the ultimate safety solution, acting as a vigilant first responder.

Its portability, operated via Bluetooth technology and a specially designed Android app, aligns seamlessly with the fast-paced nature of the freight and transport industries. With the Mobile Modular Monitor, businesses not only prioritise the safety of their employees but also fortify their bottom line by significantly reducing insurance premiums and minimising operational downtime during unforeseen emergencies.

Ultimate safety is no longer an aspiration; it's a tangible reality with the Mobile Modular Monitor at the forefront of fire prevention and risk mitigation.

Mobile Modular Monitor Versatility


Can be strategically placed across various locations, including warehouses, holding yards, truck depots, and lithium battery storages. Its portability allows for easy movement around the site using forklifts or integrated tines, enhancing its flexibility and effectiveness.

Magnum Bluetooth Remote Control


Utilises innovative technology, including a tank system operated via Bluetooth for simple control. The system is designed to be user-friendly, enabling rapid and effective responses to emergencies.

Mobile Modular Monitor Industry Adoption

Industry Adoption

Designed for use in diverse industries, such as underground mining and material handling, showcasing its applicability and potential for adoption in various sectors beyond transport. This demonstrates its adaptability and broad impact on safety across different domains.