2″ Hydraulic Remote Monitor RM50H

The RM50H is a hydraulically controlled remote monitor, suitable for both mobile and fixed mounting applications.

Suitable for mounting on 50mm (2″) ANSI 150lb flanged inlet connections, this monitor is produced from the highest quality components, including Magnum Australia’s patented “non-flog” swivel bearings and a full complement of stainless steel fasteners and guards.

Featuring robust hydraulic operation by electronic joystick cabin control, the RM50H offers a full 360° range of slew operation, and 75° of elevation. Hydraulic pressure can be supplied via vehicle hydraulics or an optional power pack. In applications where repeat operations are required, full automation via sequencing or PLC technology is available.

The cannon is supplied with a 16mm (5/8″) director nozzle in standard trim, capable of throwing water 30 metres at 7 bar, with a range of optional nozzle sizes available to suit your specific requirements.

Easy to install, reliable as an axe, and fully serviceable, the RM50H comes with a 12 month warranty and the full support of Magnum Australia’s technical expertise and spare parts supply. If you need an air-operated remote monitor, this is the obvious choice.