3″ Hydraulic Remote Monitor

The RM80 is the most flexible remote monitor in the Magnum range.

Easily installed on any 80mm (3″) ANSI 150lb flanged inlet connector, precision hydraulic control offers 360° slew and 75° elevation control. Full electronic joystick cabin control is standard, with optional RF remote control available on request.

Suitable for both mobile or fixed mounted applications, and with the facility to mount director, fog-jet and foam-induction (fire suppresion) nozzles, the RM80 is the most flexible offerings in the Magnum monitor range and is a true ‘all rounder’. Applications requiring repeat operations are fully catered for with operation automation available via sequencing or PLC technology.

Featuring Magnum Australia’s patented “non-flog” swivel bearings, a full complement of stainless steel fasteners and guards, optional automatic grease-lubrication, and backed by Magnum’s 12 month warranty, the RM80 is a durable and reliable option for all applications.

With a design allowing easy servicing and maintenance, the ready availability of spare parts and the support of the highly skilled Magnum technical team, the RM80 will provide you with years of hassle-free service.