3″ Pneumatic Spray Head Valve

USA Part # MX80

The Magnum 1019D is the industry standard in spray head valves.

Manufactured from marine grade alloy and weighing 9kg, the compact design and shape allows fast and easy installation to any piping configuration from 80mm (3″) nominal bore. With flow controlled by Magnum’s low maintenance polymer inserts, the 1019D eliminates the need for addition water control valves (ball, butterfly or knife).

The fully adjustable spray pattern provides a flat, dense and even fan spray throught the entire arc of operation with a throw up to 12 metres by 11 metres wide. Water flowrate can be adjusted from 0 – 1350 litres per min (approx).

In standard trim, the valve is opened by water pressure and closed pneumatically, with a spring keeping the valve shut when both air and water pressure are absent. Operation from the cabin can be via electric or pneumatic switching.

Valves are fully pressure tested prior to packaging, include a full warranty on parts, and are fully serviceable in the field, maximising the up-time of your equipment. Featuring a fully Australian design construction, the 1019D is the safest choice for water dispersal.